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Surface Swab test

Surface Swab test

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The Surface Protein test is the fastest and most sensitive test that has the ability to detect protein residues and allergens that remain on surfaces, instruments and machines.

Ideal for health care stores (eg restaurants, supermarkets), factories, laboratories, clinics, surgeries, dentists, endoscopes.

An easy-to-read color change gives an accurate result in 10 seconds.

The kit is based on a biochemical reagent and can detect protein residues and allergens with a detection sensitivity of 1μg without the need for incubation or sample preparation.

It meets current guidelines for protein testing, complies with ISO 18593:2018, 17604:2015, Regulation 2073/2005 and is part of the HACCP and GMP programs.

Packaging: 50 tests

  • Unique, ready-to-use, easy residual protein and allergen process
  • Economical to use, user friendly
  • Accurate, repeatable result within 10 seconds
  • No incubation or prior preparation is required
  • Clear color display with color change when residue is detected in the sample


In stock

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